Ultra lightweight full HD dental camera

Designed for loupe-mounting and maximum comfort.

The microCam is the smallest full HD camera available today. Weighing just 12 grams, and featuring a professional SONY IMX sensor, the microCam is designed to be comfortable for wearing on the loupes all day long.  Futudent offers a wide variety of attachments to most major loupe and light brands, making it convenient to integrate the microCam with most common loupe/light set ups.  

Lightweight camera

The microCam is a professional lightweight, wearable dentalcamera that:

  • Captures the
  • point-of-view of the user
  • Is light and comfortable to wear all day long
  • Creates unobstructed case documentation for any procedure
  • Comes with the right custom mount for most loupes and lights
  • Works with Windows and Mac, plus Android for tether-free filming

Technical details

  • Resolution: 1080p, 30 fps (video), 2Mpx still
  • Sensor: Sony IMX
  • Weight: 12 grams (body only)
  • Size: 30mm x 20mm x 20mm (w/o lens)
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac &Android
  • Connection: USB 2
  • Lens options: ⟩ Standard 16mm. ⟩ Hi magnification 25mm UHD. ⟩ Wide angle 12mm and 8mm

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